Little Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit inspired by Alice in Wonderland

It has been a year since my last post here??!!!  Sorry about being MIA for quite some time.  My life has turned super busy with two businesses now (My Etsy and being a part-time women’s fashion consultant for the Lularoe clothing line) along with being a mom of a 4-year old preschooler! Now I mainly communicate and post my pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and I can barely keep up with posting there.  However, I still would love to hear from you if you ever visit me here!  Just write me a message, and I should be able to read and respond the best I can!

New Bunny and Cheshire Cat in my Kawaii Style

Just posted them in my shop update now!

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

My girl Nellie cuddles with the White Rabbit

My girl Nellie cuddles with the White Rabbit

All my handmade crossbody bags are fully lined even in the inside!

All my handmade crossbody bags are fully lined even in the inside!


Happy New Year! Ready for 2016!

2015 was filled with wonderful new dolly friendships, fulfilled dream of working on projects that I love.  And I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new year!  May all of you have a joyful, peaceful, and a 2016 filled with hopes and dreams!

Happy 2016 copy

Gingerbread man and his Christmas Tree

While preparing for a local Christmas Boutique, I still constantly think about what to make for my shop.  A gingerbread man and a Christmas tree seem to be a good combination to me!

Mini gingerbread man and tree


Good friends for the holiday season

Good friends for the holiday season


Busy Autumn Season

I love autumn.  Our warm California weather, however, makes me forget that Christmas is just around the corner.

My recently projects have been quite different from one another.  It’s a norm for my day for filled with doing multiple project at the same time.  For example, I would stitch up fabric pieces while waiting for some paint to dry.  Or, my mind would drift away to a brand new idea for future product lines that I just have to stop whatever I was doing and jot down all the inspirations.

Miniature teddy bears, felt donuts, new backpack product line development, and a local Christimas Boutique show preparation, etc., are all part of my current focus.  If you check out my Instagram, you will see a lot of my ongoing projects.

Autumn and Halloween Doll Photos

My Nellie in a gorgeous dress by Odd Princess, her little felted pumpkins and mini cat plushie by Chasing Miss Rainbow

Fall pumpkins

Petite Fun

Custom petite Blythe by MixiMichi (left), LPS Blythe (right), Cutie Bat by Chasing Miss Rainbow, dresses by camillel on etsy

Are you ready to party?

Are you ready to party?

Custom petite Blythe by MixiMichi (left), LPS Blythe customed by Dr. Blythenstein (right), dresses by camillel on etsy, Cutie Bats and Mini Jointed Bear by Chasing Miss Rainbow

Welcome! Awww...Thank you for the gift! You shouldn't have!

Welcome! Awww…Thank you for the gift! You shouldn’t have!

My First Blythe Doll Adventure

Doll Journey

I have some Barbie, Takara Jenny, Takara Barbie, Ma-Ba Barbie, Takara Licca, and Pullip dolls all my life; but I first started to enter the Blythe world this year when I got my very first custom Blythe in May 2015.

My girls lining up

My girls lining up on my work table

I got her from a customizing artist in Barcelona, Spain (Mimedollz on Etsy).  I had no idea what is involved in customizing a Blythe, so I had to ask the artist step by step.  I first ordered a Takara Country Summer Blythe from a Hong Kong shop and asked them to ship to Spain for me.  Mimedollz customized for me according to my preferences and then sent her back to me in the U.S.  What an amazing journey for my girl, Nellie!  She has been to places that I have never been and travelled the world for me.

An apple a the doctors away!

My first Blythe doll, Nellie

Progress pictures taken by Mimedollz (used with permission)


Before any work is done on this Takara Country Summer Blythe (Photo taken by Miriam of Mimedollz in Barcelona, Spain).

After customization

After customization (Photo taken by Miriam of Mimedollz in Barcelona, Spain).

wip combo copy

Work-in-progress photos (Photo credit to Miriam, Mimedollz, used with permission)

Eye lids

Finished eye lids (photo by Miriam, Mimedollz, used with permission)

I love how her eye lids were painted.  The painting represents the skyline of Barcelona with La Sagrada Familia!

When I received her, I wanted to cut her hair shorter.  So here is what I did, and I like it:

BeforeAfter copy

Now Nellie is one of my main model for my shop.  I am so happy to be working with her!

2015年的大變化 – 從髮夾轉型到娃娃配件

2015 年的美好改變

今年是最大的奇妙的變化, 是我對娃娃收集和娃娃攝影重新燃起了熱情。這種變化也轉移了我的工作重點: 從製作女孩髮夾到娃娃配件。

Previous work

Previous work


2014年我開始寫個人博客*來記錄我作為一個新媽媽的生活.  我和彩虹小姐(彩虹小姐是我的超級活躍的孩子, 跑來跑去需要我不斷地追她)的生活及我愛做手工的日子都記下來.


Progress photo of my Fruit Plate hairclip

Previous work of my Yummy Fruit Plate Hairclip

隨著時間的推移,越來越多人想特別訂特殊的娃娃小型配件和毯子。感謝他們對娃娃的熱情, 激勵著我做出更多娃娃配件。

剛開始沒有想得太多. 但現在我忽然意識到,我做的不正是我最喜歡, 又可整天和娃娃在一起的工作嗎? (笑 ^_^)

My Beloved Workstation

My Beloved Workstation


我父親在我二年級時給了我人生中的第一個芭比娃娃。娃娃在童年是我最好的朋友 (因年紀和兄姊有一段距離,當時常常獨自坐在我的玩具箱邊玩著我的娃娃們。)我的父親在我高中時代去世後,玩娃娃時就好像頓時回到他還在的光景, 好像時間可停留在他還在的时後。

所以,如果你像我一樣誰喜歡玩,收集,或做娃娃攝影, 就請稍作停留並與我交流。我總是喜歡看到其他人的收藏品及熱情!

*注:我以前的個人博客快到期了,所以我沒在這寫出網址。目前的這個娃娃博客是新設並是永久性的^_ ^。



My Byul doll carrying a mini shoulder bag in green

My Byul doll carrying a mini shoulder bag in green

Big Change in 2015 – From Hairclips to Doll Accessories

Wonderful Change in 2015

The biggest and wonderful change for me this year is to rekindle my love for doll collecting and doll photography.  This change then directed my focus from making girl’s hairclips to doll accessories.

Previous work

Previous work

How I started 

I started my personal blog* to record my life as a new mom and how I spend my time with my Miss Rainbow (For those of you who don’t know Miss Rainbow, she is my super active toddler who requires me to constantly chase her everywhere.)

As I recorded my hobbies and showed some hairclips that I handmade for Miss Rainbow, some friends encouraged me to sell.  Therefore, I opened My Etsy shop with blessings from friends around me.

Progress photo of my Fruit Plate hairclip

Previous work of my Yummy Fruit Plate Hairclip

As time goes by, I started receive special requests to make miniature accessories and blankets for dolls.  Thanks to my first few customers, their enthusiasm in dolls inspired me to make more doll accessories.

Without thinking too much at first, I realized that I am doing exactly what I love the most: To be close to my dolls!

My Beloved Workstation

My Beloved Workstation

Dolls bring back memories

I got my first Barbie in the 2nd grade from my father.  Dolls were my best friends during quiet times because I was often alone due to the large age gap with my older siblings.  When my father passed away during my high school years, playing and collecting dolls further became a way for me to remember and miss him.

So if you are like me who simply love the idea of playing, collecting, photographing, or simply having fun with your dolls, then stay awhile and connect with me.  I always love to see other people’s collections!

*Note: My previous personal blog will expire soon, so I am not including its info here.  Hopefully I can move some information to this blog in the future since this new blog is permanent ^_^.

My Byul doll carrying a mini shoulder bag in green

My Byul doll carrying a mini shoulder bag in green

Cutie Bats!

I have always believed that bats are much cuter and should have more positive image over the traditional dark impression. Because of this reason, I made these little Cutie Bats before the fall season.  It was certainly a fun project and nice prop for my dolls!IMG_6098 copy

OrangeBatBarbie copy

I think that this black and orange color match Barbie’s outfit here!

Group Bats Blythe copy

Pink cutie bat

My Pullip girl holding a pink Cutie Bat!

Cutie Bats Flying

A kidnapping in progress!! (but don’t worry, these bats are filled with smiles and happiness!)

Miniature Teddy Twins in Black and Grey

This is a new project that I just finished and sent off to their new moms. It’s part of a fun art collaboration with another artist, Denise Farinsky from Farinsky Art Studio.  I would say that our styles in art are quite different, but I appreciate the fact that she loves the kawaii side of my miniatures, and I love her creativity that just seems endless.

The Twins

Our assignment was for her to send me her custom petite Blythe doll inspired by the Kiki character in the Japanese anime called Kiki Delivery, and I would send her a 3-inch custom miniature bear in the color of her choosing plus a pink narwhal.

The color theme of black and pink somehow meshed pretty well with Kiki’s dark color clothing, and I am very pleased with the outcome.  This was my first time collaborating with another artist (after graduating from college, that is!), and it was just fantastic!


Our little art meet by these cute girls. They definitely have lots of fun together!

Besides the black teddy, I also made a grey one in the same style (a Gingermelon design, used with permission).  They are two teddy bears born together but now separate to different new moms.  I am happy that they both found new homes, and I believe that their new moms will treat them very well!

Work in progressIMG_5490 copy

Check out my shop for more mini friends here: Chasing Miss Rainbow

Welcome to my new world of Dolls and Miniatures!

This is a new blog site for me to post my doll collections and miniature creations.  Welcome to drop by to see me every once in a while!

I just recently discovered Instagram as an easy and effective way for me to share photos.  Then I realized that besides Instagram, I need to have a space to post about my love for dolls and the miniature accessories that I make for them.  This way I can connect better with other doll enthusiasts all around the world.

So welcome and let’s connect!  To see more pictures, come to see me on Instagram:

My Pullip doll modelling a set of cute kawaii style doll accessories

My Pullip doll modelling a set of cute kawaii style doll accessories